Enjoy skiing with friends

Why not take advantage of the spring sunshine to treat yourself to a girls’ week in the mountains? At this time of year, the snow is excellent for learning to ski or improving your technique, while the sun will put some beautiful colour on your smiling cheeks. You’ll never feel closer to your friends than when enjoying the relaxation and laughs that come as standard with après-ski: quick, call your mates and book!

Skiing for everyone

If your group includes pros as well as less committed skiers or even beginners, everyone will be able to find the right level for them! When it comes to learning, spring is perfect for getting started on the slopes. The snow is warmed by the sun’s rays making it soft and gentle over the course of the day, while the temperatures in March and April are great for getting to grips with skiing without having to deal with the inconvenience of cold weather. As a bonus, you’ll get some colour on your cheeks from lesson number one!

To discover skiing without breaking the bank, French resorts have come up with special spring skiing offers. What better excuse to enjoy the après ski afterwards?

Expert skiers will be able to hurtle down the slopes in lovely weather and spring sunshine. It’s an opportunity to ski less encumbered, making it a more glamorous take on skiing in the January and February cold weather!

Taking it slow in the mountains

What could be better than an afternoon at the spa with your friends? As well as a great chance to chat next to the pool, it’s a real invitation to unwind. Opposite the snow-covered summits, give yourself over to Zen contemplation and experience the benefits of water on your skin. Feel your stress disappear and be replaced by deep, long-lasting relaxation throughout your stay in the mountains!

If you want to make your Zen attitude last even longer, try out snow yoga or even a meditative forest walk; gentle, thought-provoking activities that you can only experience in the mountains.

Girls’ night

Ski breaks always go hand in hand with fun après-ski! After a great day hurtling down the slopes, there’s nothing better than meeting up to sip cocktails, share the day’s adventures and tell everyone how you got on. Glide into a fun, giggly atmosphere while enjoying the day’s last rays of sun; at dusk, the resort party gets going in earnest! There’s no shortage of night-time activities to enjoy until the early hours if that’s your thing. Bring your party clothes and set the dance floor alight with your mates.