Family activities at their best

If spring is the ideal time of year for family skiing, it’s also the best season for spending time together and creating beautiful holiday memories. Just swap your morning skis for group activities. Here are a few ideas for your clan!

Long live snowsports

If your children are diehard snowsports fans, it might become tricky to peel them off the slopes for other activities. Don’t worry though, there are plenty of alternatives to show them that skiing isn’t the only way to glide on the slopes!

Snowboarding: swap your skis for a snowboard! Find your balance and a new stance, whatever your age, discovering snowboarding is a real challenge when you’re used to skiing.

Biathlon: do Martin Fourcade’s exploits leave you in awe? Discover his world with an introduction to this double discipline that combines endurance and concentration.

Tobogganing: but of course! Often synonymous with first snowsports for little ones, tobogganing is a great laugh that also puts a smile on grown-up faces.

Nature, a path of discovery

What could be better than going for a walk and discovering the animals that live in the mountains? Set off on snowshoes accompanied by a guide to find out all about the life of marmots, follow fox tracks and discover the bearded vultures and jackdaws overhead. You’ll also learn the names of the summits you can see along the way and the entire history of the mountain range you’ve chosen as your holiday destination.

To set off in search of nature like a real trapper, opt for snowshoes. They make it easier for the whole family to walk along paths bordered by fragrant pine trees. Children will love feeling like forest adventurers while you’ll love the amazing sense of peace and calm to be found just a few metres from your accommodation. Breathe it in!

Mountain animals

Are your children always asking you to get a dog? We have the perfect compromise: a dog-sled ride! An activity for the whole family, you can choose between gliding along in the sled or learning the techniques of a musher. Guaranteed fun for all!

Horse lovers: in the mountains you can ride and practice your gallop on the snow at the same time. Unique, brand new thrills! Little ones can also get the snowsports experience aboard a pony-drawn sledge while the less fearless might prefer a sledge tour of the resort.