Skiing into Spring: for a healthy body and mind!

Sun, snow, fresh air, rest...Lionel Porte, a doctor based in the mountains, explains why skiing in the spring is all good - for the body and the mind!

Enjoying holidays in the mountains in spring is great for you for so many reasons.

Let’s start with the physical: playing sport; strengthening bones; stimulating the cardiovascular system and transforming fat into muscle. All the sunshine after a dark winter stimulates vitamin D production and delivers calcium to your bones. In addition, sleeping at altitude stimulates the production of red blood cells to improve oxygenation.

From a psychological point of view, the mountain light can help lift you out of any winter depression. It’s effectively light therapy. This upgrade of light, according to studies, makes spring holidays even more relaxing.

Children, Parents, Grandparents: in spring, we all ski together

After the cold and heavy snows of the winter months spring is a great time to learn to ski and for spending time on the slopes together.

The days are longer and clearer and there’s a real quality to the snow. The quieter slopes lend themselves to a more relaxed, chilled out ski experience. On top of that, the chance to ski in the warm sun rather than the cooler days of February makes spring an ideal time for a trip.

Spring: time for some new adventures

Thanks to longer days, you can stock up on new adventures in the snow. It’s the season when there’s something for everyone…sporty or not.

For those who like keep moving, cross-country skiing and ski touring are both very demanding cardio activities. Or afternoons at the spa or the swimming pool will delight anyone looking for calm and relaxation. With the family, why not try dog sledding, snowshoeing or even mountain biking?

Enjoy the best of spring skiing

Having a holiday in beautiful snow and sunshine will give you the best memories to take home with you.

Those psychological benefits will stay with you as long you keep walking and exercising when you return home. The important thing is to keep the momentum and your positivity in your daily life. So, a week of sports holidays is the best way to start your summer of sports.

Do yourself some good!