Nature / contemplation

Nature / contemplation

Marvel as the fauna and flora wake up from winter

1001 Reasons to Enjoy Mountain Nature in Spring

The fauna and flora wake up; we see more of the sun; the pastures are green again; hiking and cycling are back…yes, the mountains in spring are a magnificent location to bask in nature. 

Hiking is back

As the snow melts, hiking comes back into play. There’s no better way to reconnect with nature as you admire sunsets, watch the wildlife wake up, explore the mountain in search of the first petals of spring, or simply stock up on clean, fresh air.

Spring is the chance for the sun to warm us again with soft rays, to take some time to sample some peace and calm. Mountain refuges start to re-open, offering the chance to walk a circuit or simply enjoy the pleasure of sleeping at altitude, stargazing without any light pollution.

It’s waking-up time for nature

This is the season when our hibernating animals gently wake up. Look out for the marmots peeking out of their homes. Ibex are also more visible and you’ll also see migratory birds return.

Can you identify the first flowers that gently appear from the earth? Crocus, Koch's gentian (Gentiana acauli) and cuckoo flowers (Cardamine pratensis) all paint a colourful picture in spring. Take advantage of this time for some self-care, in the middle of nature.

As the snow melts, the waterfalls start to flow again. Would dare to give your body the chance to refresh itself underneath them.

Spring also sees the return of alpine pastures, with huge expanses of green waiting for the animals who will be brought to graze in the summer. It is a chance to meet those mountain artisans face-to-face who work all year round such as farmers, carpenters and craftsmen.

Events in Nature

On 13 April 2022, head to Peisey-Vallandry for ‘Le Printemps de Rosuel’, organized in partnership with the Parc National de la Vanoise to celebrate the arrival of spring and its renewal of nature. 

In Saint-Lary Soulan, there are plenty of events taking place around the theme of transhumance (when the animals move to the higher pastures) on the last weekend of May and the first weekend of June: it’s a real opportunity to learn more about how life on the mountain works.

In the Val d'Arly, the ‘Bain de Nature’ is entirely dedicated to nature: from 04-11 June, you can enjoy the best of spring visiting nature, dances, guided hikes and even a massage to completely disconnect.

Spots to discover nature in peace

Lac La Rosière in Courchevel is a real natural gem with multiple hiking opportunities, including a botanical trail and the dramatic Cascade des Poux waterfall.

The Val d'Escreins Nature Reserve in Vars

Daffodils arrive across the meadows of Gérardmer